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The Ranvier Group, Inc. was established May 1, 2012. Chris Ranvier set out to create a full service manufacturer representative that caters to each level of our industry. We are thoroughly integrated with distribution, contractors, engineers and architects throughout our serviced markets.

The Ranvier Group operates a distribution center and offices in Midway, KY and Louisville, KY. We offer a delivery service for our distributors and jobsites out of the distribution center with dedicated routes to every market in Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia.
We have 16 associates and currently represent manufacturers in Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana.


To create the most customer-centric manufacturer rep agency in the United States. We will reach this goal by integrating technology and training in our associate’s work product. We will go above and beyond for the customer by providing resources and services not otherwise seen by the manufacturer’s rep sector. Our company’s engagement and communication among the manufacturers, distributors, engineers, contractors and end-users will be thorough and valuable. Our customers will want to do business with our team because we are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and we make their business more profitable and rewarding.

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